Antoine Skaff, Dentist

Owner of Skaff Family Dentistry

Antoine Skaff is the owner of Skaff Family Dentistry in West Virginia. He has been featured in online news platforms for his immigrant success story and for his tips for aspiring dentists. 

Dentistry Tips

Read about Antoine Skaff’s dentistry tips for aspiring dentists. WIth decades long experience, Antoine Skaff can help you expand your knowledge. 

Dentistry Advancements

Learn about the latest dentistry advancements from Antoine Skaff as well as his opinions on each of them. Every dentist has their preferred methods, and Skaff elaborates. 

Career Insights

Get the latest career insights if you’d like to start your dentistry career. Learn from Antoine Skaff’s decades long career as a dentist, and start your own. 

Antoine Skaff

"I'm a dentist. I'm an engineer. I'm a survivor."

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“I didn’t have the privilege that rich people had. If I needed something I had to work for it.” 

Read more about how Antoine Skaff became a dentist in his latest news feature

Antoine Skaff

Antoine Skaff in the Media

Antoine Skaff has been featured on international news platforms such as Net News Ledger, Disrupt Magazine and the Hudson Weekly. Visit Antoine’s Media section on the site to learn about his latest interviews where he discusses topics such as dentistry, dentistry advancements and careers in dentistry. 

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